Dobie welcomes students back to school


Faith Runyon and Ayana Freeman

J. Frank Dobie Junior High faculty and staff welcomed students on August 20, 2018. Although many students were nervous to return, the overall atmosphere was positive and friends were happy to reunite.

Kelsea Duff, 8th, said her first day back went well. “My first day was pretty exciting because I got to see my friends, and I got to meet new people,” she said.

Many students said they felt stressed at some point during the first week but they worked through it.  Alivia Cooper, 8th, said, “My first day was really chaotic, but I liked my classes.”

Seventh graders were especially nervous to start their first day of junior high. They struggled to find their classes and navigate a very crowded Dobie.

Overall, the first day was hectic for most people but many said it was still fun to see old friends and meet new ones.

Not only did the students had a crazy first day- the teachers did as well. Many students’ schedules needed to be fixed and some classes were overcrowded with students, so the counselors worked extra hard that day too, to get everyone settled in.

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