Personal view: all about my chickens and why I love them

Tyler Pickering, Staff Reporter

I have seven chickens and I love them. They are adorable. They bring me a lot of entertainment to me and others. All of my friends love them as well.

Chickens are an icon when it comes to food, in fact, they are the only living creature that can be eaten by everyone but vegans. Their eggs are a staple to many classic recipes such as cake and mayonnaise. Then of course, there is the chicken itself. Many people eat their chicken differently, either eating the breast or the legs, and sometimes both. But chickens have many more purposes than just food, they can be used as pets.

Chickens that are used as pets not only help with the eggs, but the also help the vegetation around them by keeping it balanced. Think of them as mini lawn mowers if you will. They also eat the pesky little insects that devour gardens such as hornets and grub worms, and let us not forget about the stereotypical rooster. Roosters can be used as mini alarm clocks for light sleepers and can also provide entertainment in many ways including bragging to your friends about how a rooster doesn’t sound like the typical everyday crow. Roosters can even cause laughter with their crows. Roosters actually love to crow not once, not twice, not thrice, but over sixty times a day, even during the afternoon and at sunset!

Moving aside from roosters for a bit, hens also shine in the spotlight. Hens can be used as show chickens which can be used to earn competitions to earn money and other various prizes. Hens can not only serve as beautiful, terrestrial, flightless birds, or for their sparkly, round, feather weight eggs, but can also be used as basic entertainment a dog or a cat bring. Now, this may sound silly, but giving hens funny names like “Fluffster” can actually bring a smile to those who have never heard the name before. Hens also come in very cheap, and can be bought in bundles, allowing for five times more fun. Chickens also have dogs distracted and curious everyday.