Rush minutes: 5 minute passing periods can feel rushed


Kaytlin Frank

Students rush to class.

Ava Normandin and Kaytlin Frank

The bell rings and as you walk out of your class, you see the hallways filling up with other students rushing to their next class. Have you ever been pushed up against a wall in a crowded hallway to where you have to rush to your class? Well kids at Dobie Junior High have something to say about it.

Danielle Guest, 8th grader, said she has enough time to to meet up with her friends. She said she would like more time, but likes the five minute passing period. “I feel like I can take my time between each class without feeling super rushed,” she said.“Gives us enough time between each Class, the time is pretty reasonable.”

Passing period can be stressful to many kids in school especially if you feel like your rushed, but the more and more you get used to it the easier it gets. The hallways cram everyone together to where people start shoving and yelling, and to where you don’t get your classes on time.

A longer passing period would help students who have a harder time getting to lockers and opening them less stress time. Katherine Pruden, 8th grader, says,”A minute or two longer for passing period would help.”