What Pre-AP classes are all about


Joanna Kosinska

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Dean Slater, Jared Haug, and Braden Crouse

Pre-AP stands for Pre Advanced Placement, and is for people who want a challenge. Some of the Pre-AP classes you can take as an 8th grader are Pre-AP Spanish 1, Pre-AP Social Studies, Pre-AP Science, and Pre-AP LA.  

Zoe Zarecki is an eighth grader who takes Pre-AP classes. Her favorite Pre-AP class is Science because she likes it. “Pre-AP is challenging sometimes because you have to think,” she said. When asked why she picked Pre-AP classes she responded with, “Regular classes were just to easy.”

Alexandria Platt takes two Pre-AP clases. She says, “ELA is my favorite class.” She also takes

Braden Crouse
Alexandria Platt is taking two advanced classes.

Pre-Ap Social Studies. When asked is Pre-Ap challenging for you she responded with, “In some ways yes. I picked Pre-Ap because I had above average grades in most classes.”

Paul Hodo is taking four advanced classes: Pre-AP SS, Pre-AP ELA, and Pre-AP Science. He is taking the advanced classes to get a head start. “I feel like it will help me in the future,” he said. “It isn’t that hard.”