Athletics boot camp is a challenge

8th grade girls say the struggle is worth it.

Madelyn Meercheidt and Camryn Wood

What is Athletics Boot Camp?  Well boot camp is something all the athletics girls have to go through, both 7th and 8th grade girls. Basically the girls have to get five days of a perfect workout and being prepared for the workouts with no jewelry, hair tied back, their shirt tucked in, and wearing the appropriate attire and footwear.

If they don’t reach these requirements, they either don’t earn the day or have to start over from day one. Mariana Williams, an 8th grade athlete said, “I feel like boot camp is needed so new people can get with the program, but the coaches are a little harsh.”Some athletes are really serious about boot camp, and enjoy getting a good workout. Dara Tomogun, also an 8th grade athlete said, “I think boot camp is okay, but when people don’t follow the expectations it upsets me.”

There’s also students that don’t like boot camp, but still enjoy working together as a team. Kylie Tandy, another 8th grade athlete said, “I don’t really like it, but I understand that we all have to learn how to hold each other accountable as a team.”  The girls are expected to be ready and out of the locker room in eight minutes. Most of the girls complain it’s not enough time, especially if your 6th period is upstairs. Tomogun said, “No, it’s not hard because I usually change my shirt during lunch.” On the other hand, Williams said, “Yes, it’s hard because we have to get ready in five minutes.”

Girl student athletes get annoyed with how much time we have to get in and out of the locker room. Tandy said, “Yeah, I think it’s hard because we can’t run in the hallways and people walk really slow, so by the time we get to the locker room we barley have any time to dress out.”

The athlete’s have many goals to attain this year. “One goal I have this year is to get through boot camp quicker than last year,” said Williams.  For some, it’s about getting in shape.  “To stay fit and gain more stamina,” Tomogun said. For others, it’s to work on themselves. Tandy said, “To become a better me.”

Most of the girls find it difficult to work in the heat. Tomogun agreed to this statement and said, “Yes, because when I look at the sun it gives me a headache, and it’s too hot.” Surprisingly, some athletes tend to enjoy working out in the heat. Williams said, “I enjoy working out in the heat, so no, I don’t find it difficult to work out in the heat, and I don’t get headaches.”

Most athletes would enjoy being able to drink water in between workouts. Tandy said, “I personally don’t find it that hard, I just wish we could drink water when we’re outside because it gets really hot.” This year there is a new coach on staff — Coach Adams, who transferred from Corbett Junior High, also in the SCUC district. Tomogun said “She’s funny and hypes us up a lot during the workouts.”

Williams said she appreciates Coach Adams’s communication style. “I like her because she’s very energetic, and she always gets her point across,” she said. Some athletes also enjoy having a new, and energetic coach on campus. Tandy said, “I like her; she’s really encouraging. She’ll come up to us and cheers us on, and makes sure we’re doing the exercises correctly. I like her energy.”