Students want dress code changed

Oluwadara Tomogun and Faith Fitzsimon

In schools there are rules that are supposed to keep things in order but there is one specific rule that keeps getting students at Dobie– the dress code. Some people think that the dress code is needed and others think it isn’t needed at all. Is the dress code fair or not? It’s up to the Dobie students to figure what should change and should not change. Since everyone has their own opinions on the dress code and how it should be we decided to go and interview a couple of students around the school and see what they think about the dress code.

Khamirah Culmer, an 8th grader said the dress code is unfair. “I think the dress code is unfair in many ways especially the ripped jeans rule and 4 inch rule for shirts and dresses. Dress code also needs improvements and the administrators also need to be less strict about it.”

Another 8th grader Madelyn Meerscheidt said,”I wish the administrators would change the rule about the ripped jeans and off the shoulder shirts it’s not like it’s distracting anyone anyway. The administrators should also start paying attention to the boys since it seems like they can wear ripped jeans up to their thighs but not get in trouble yet girls can.”

There are also students that like the dress code and think it’s needed. Nathan Stanley, a 7th grader said,”We shouldn’t change the dress code because some things are needed and if it changes some things would go wrong.”

Alison Meredith, 8th grader, thinks the dress code should stay the same and not change. “The dress code is needed because some girls think its okay to dress a certain way to show off their body like their cleavage or stomach to impress boys even though it isn’t. They should also change the rules for ripped jeans it isn’t a big deal,” she said.

Adrianna Mcghee, 7th grader, also thinks the dress code is needed but some rules aren’t. “There are areas in the dress code that are needed but also so  me that aren’t,” she said.