Spotlight: Coach Burton

Rebecca Ryan and Carl Prince

Coach Burton is known for his energy. He was excited to be interviewed. Even though that he was interviewed last year, he enjoyed every minute of the interview.

He is the coach of 8th grade basketball and 7th grade football and is a College and Career readiness teacher. He likes to coach the 8th graders more than the 7th graders because they are easier to coach and have learned from last year and know the consequences.

When the boys start talking while coach is talking, Coach Burton will have all of them run a mile because he will not tolerate disrespect this year, next year and any other year.

He has a 10 year old son named Astyn, a 6 year old girl named Isla and 3 year old daughter named Adelyn. Astyn is in karate, Isla plays soccer and till Adelyn is older and knows what she wants to do, coach is happy to pay and support them.

Coach Burton likes anything on the grill.

He graduated from UTSA college in 2010 with his Bachelors and 2012 with his Masters degree and wanted to coach since he was in 5th grade.He played football when he was younger and basketball but instead of playing football and basketball, he decided to coach the sports instead.

The first day of school was not that stressful for other teachers especially when it came to the equipment “Just a grab and go technically”  

After the second week when they finished tryouts he said it was hard picking teams cause a lot of them were good and bad but only so many can be on the teams. You show what you got and if it is bad ”You always have next year”.