Students attend student assemblies


Shania Sapp and Bella Oakes

Every year at Dobie there are disciplinary assemblies to reinforce the rules and disciplinary actions that will be taken if they are disobeyed. Hosted by the principals, students in both grades gather to hear about rules, procedures and consequences. But this year was a bit different. Character traits and expectations were also shared by the administrators. 

There are two separate days that the assembly is held, one for 7th, and one for 8th. They both take place during cougar time on each day. One student in 8th grade named Lauren Handley had some things to say about the assembly. “I think it really helps the new students and the seventh graders,” she stated. “I feel as though it helped me as well. I definitely benefited from it, because I had forgotten half of the rules they stated. Also, the manner in which the Assistant Principal was speaking, I found it very inspiring.”  

There were two different assemblies. One about respect, and the other about being trustworthy. Mr. Simmons (principal) talked about respecting each other, the teachers and staff. Mr. Simmons and the assistant principals presented to both 7th and 8th graders.

Another Dobie student, Kayley Hendrix, had some things to say about the presentation. “After the assembly, people were mostly talking about the dress code. Many students were not in favor of the dress code rule, because most kids here, including myself, think that the dress code is overall sexist and discriminatory. We use clothing to express ourselves, and with such strict dress code rules, we are extremely limited, and it seems as so that our school is turning into a Catholic school, because of how strict the rules are.” Kayley states. Kayley is in 8th grade, thus she has had this opinion since the beginning of last year.

Marquise Hamilton, also a student at Dobie Junior High, voiced his opinion: “I thought the assembly gave good insight on the school dress code and student conduct, Although I feel that it didn’t benefit me personally because I never wear anything out of dress code. But, of course, it was a good opportunity for the students that weren’t aware of the rules to learn them. To me, the person presenting got their point across perfectly.”

Others at Dobie are in favor of the rules. Although they may not be the majority, some students think that these rules are good for the new students at Dobie, and keeps the student body in line, and prepares them for future rules and guidelines. As previously stated, one student forgot the rules and was relieved that the assembly stated the rules again; it benefited all of the Dobie students.