Mixed feelings about back to school


Mrs. P.J.

Dobie students, teachers have mixed feelings about back to school.

Aaliyah Simmons, Sophia Simon, and Zoë Robalino

Back To School at Dobie — how do people feel about it? From teachers to students, it’s mixed. Some students and teachers are happy while others are stressed out and wishing summer was still here.

A student in 8th grade, K.K Martiznes said “So far so good.” With a smile, she said at first she was excited for the first week of school. However that excitement soon came to an end when she had  freaked out and had a panic attack on

Mrs. Luna is excited for the new school year. Photo by: Zoe Robalino

the way there. Thankfully after that she was okay. She likes how there’s only seven classes and thinks seven graders will like it this year! So seventh graders, there is hope for you guys after all. 

Most students all know how most students feel about back to school, their usually in that “Ugh” mood or something in between the lines of that! Have you ever thought about how a teacher feels for back to school?

For many teachers, back to school is an exciting time. Mrs. Luna, Spanish teacher, said she always look forward to the new school year, but much like students, she feels both excited and a bit nervous. “It’s a fresh start with new students. It’s a way to show what you learned,” she said. “It’s a new opportunity for me to improve as a teacher and a person. I’ve always been a bit nervous, even when I was a kid.”

Just like students, teachers have to physically and mentally prepare for school. Over the summer Ms.Luna gets herself “together” to try to having a idea of what she’s gonna teach and how to save herself stress.

Kelsea Duff is an eighth grader.  She feels upset about summer vacation ending because it feels like her freedom is being taken away from her. She’s not too excited about school and expressed that she enjoys seeing her friends after summer.

But a couple of weeks into back to school and Duff said she’s adjusting. “It’s fun, I like seeing the friends I missed throughout summer vacation,” she said, adding that seeing her friends makes her excited to wake up early in the morning and get to school.

Duff said that it’s not easy to prepare for school.  She feels this way because she spent most of the summer alone on social media. She said to combat this feeling,she surrounds herself with family or neighborhood friends and tries to get back into being social. She said herself, “If I can surround  myself with others and be comfortable around them, I can do that in a school environment.”