Dobie’s sense of style is unique


Amarion Miller

Amiah Briseno is stylish and in dress code.

Amarion Miller and Jayden Dabney

Dobie’s style is unique; not all girls wear dresses not all boys wear athletic clothing. The majority of students don’t care about the cost of the shoes or clothing, they just care if it matches, if it is comfortable and if they can totally rock the outfit. Their style is very chill or laid back or either were casual. The students at Dobie like to be comfy in their clothes. 

Dobie students get their fashion inspiration from social media, TV, movies, magazines, their family, clothing stores and most of all, their friends.  They have a lot to say about fashion. Amiah Briseno, an 8th grader at Dobie, said, “I like to wear clothes that I am comfortable in the clothing that I like.” 

Dobie also like to wear sports gear. The most common brand was Nike.Tristan Vaughn a student at Dobie said “If I could only wear  one brand for the rest of my life it would be Nike,” Michael ZuaZua said. “It doesn’t matter if your clothing are expensive it just matters if it feels comfortable or not”, he said.

Dobie’s teachers most days do not get choices if they want to wear tennis shoes and jeans or sportswear because they’re on a strict dress code enforced by admin. The student dress code for Dobie is less strict but there are still some clothing that are inappropriate for school. Most of the girls complain because they can not wear some of their school clothes because of the dress code. Most of the girls at Dobie do not like to wear dresses but the say they like leggings and t-shirts more. Some students say they need more free choice of things to wear. We  want to know what you think of Dobie style’s style.  Leave us a comment. (Remember to be kind.)