Students share concerns about rules

Lauren Kendrick and Sade Johnson

There are a lot people at Dobie who have issues with the rules, especially the mandatory use of lockers, restricted usage of cell phones during lunch, and the strict dress code policy. There are a lot of hated rules, but the main one is the dress code.“We as girls can’t wear off-the-shoulder tops, rips above the knee, and shorts, we can wear leggings but, it has to cover our bottoms with a long shirt,” said Emma Norman, adding that she thinks it’s unfair that the dress code is more towards females rather than males.

Another big rule that Norman is not a fan of is no phones. One of the rules for the phones is that you are not allowed to use it during lunch. “We should be able to have them out because they aren’t a distraction at that time,” Norman says, “Lunch is a good time to be able to have your phone out.”

The last rule is that the students must use the lockers as mandated by the school principal.In the recent years students expressed that they don’t need the lockers because its time consuming to get there.when students tried to get to their lockers, fellow classmates also expressed their frustration because some students have a bottom lockers and because of that they have to wait for their classmates to move.Norman expressed her feelings by saying “waiting for lockers can be really crowded.” 

Norman is not the only one who is not a fan of all the rules here at Dobie. Jonathan Mccoy 8th grade,has some problems with the rules as well.He expressed his opinion about the phone policy by saying,“We can’t use or play with our phones at lunch and we should use it because it’s our free time.”

As he was expressing his opinion he said that “I don’t think its necessary to pay $15 just to get your phone back”. A lot of students here don’t like how expensive it is to get your phone back. Mccoy also doesn’t like the buses here at Dobie. He thinks the buses take too long to get here and they drop him off later than they should.“The bus drivers aren’t the nicest people either”, says Mccoy. He thinks we the bus drivers should arrive earlier than they do and they should be nicer to the students.