Dobie football players share their thoughts

Corey Hunter and Valentino Sanchez

Football players at Dobie are proud of their team. They work hard and play hard. With 90+ degree days common here, Dobie football players give all of their heart for this game. Sometimes they even play in the rain. 

One seventh grade football player, Caleb Nash, talked about his experience playing. “I like to score touchdowns, play with friends, and tackle people. I first started to enjoy football by watching it on TV.” He offered tips to new football players just starting: “Practice a lot and ask lots of questions,” he said.

Football players have lots of reasons to play ball. Micah Burger, an eighth grade football player says, “ I play to release anger on the field. I enjoy football because it is fun. I like to push around the person in front of me. Get ready Steele!”.  

Eighth grader Dylan Winter says, “ My dad and my friends inspired me to play football. I like to hit people. There is a lot of teamwork that goes into football.”

Adam Hill, an eighth grade football player says, “I love to play sports. It’s  fun and very active. And I get to hang out with friends.” He also said he likes track and other activities. Eighth grade right guard, Santiago Lzera said, “ I love to tackle people; it’s very active. I also like basketball and other sports.”