Editorial: Dobie’s dress code is unfair


Aliana Graham and Jadyn Garrett

Recently all students attended the disciplinary assembly hosted by administrators that covered various rules and expectations.  What sparked a lot of conversation in the audience was the dress code. It was quite controversial because there are a lot of different opinions. We believe that the dress code is unfair.

We believe that young women are specifically targeted because there are only so many dress code violations for the young men that attend our school. Female students continue to be sexualized and shamed for the clothing that they feel most comfortable in. It has been understood among most female students of the reasons that dress code is in place, but still do not agree with a substantial amount of the policies.

We went around school asking some of our male students if they think that the dress code is targeting our female peers. Trevor Thomas, 8th grader, said “Yes, I feel like they need to lay off the girls a little bit,”

The administration says the dress code is to prepare young woman for a future career. Abra Sinayoko, 8th grader, thinks differently. “I agree, but every job is different,” she said.

Jade Munson, 8th grader,  agrees completely. “You can’t show up to work in a crop top and short shorts,” she said.

Mrs. Cerulli agrees with most students to some extent. She said “I don’t feel like the girls are targeted, I just feel like the clothes can be more exposing.” She feels like teacher dress code isn’t more lenient than student dress code,“ I think that both teacher and students are equal.”

This is a topic that students, nor teachers can completely agree on. We chose to write this particular articles so that both sides could come to a conclusion. Hopefully we can consider each others opinions, and ideas to solve this mutual problem.