PV: game day can be a struggle


Mariah Biache, Staff Reporter

Many talented girls tryout for Dobie Volleyball,on August 28th after school the paper was posted about who made the team. Only 36 girls made the team. Some of these 36 players are on the non-travel team. August 30th was the first scrimmage of the season,while September 6th is the first game of the season.

The Lady Cougars are going out of town on Thursday, September 6th, to play against Metzger Mustangs. Throughout the school on game day some of  girls on the team, including myself, begin to get a bit nervous, or anxious. You never know what to expect from the other team, or how they play, that’s what starts to make me worry.

All of us have different things going through our minds on game day,some are calm and ready for the afternoon,while some are stressed out of their mind.

Some girls on the team have been playing for years ever since they were young. Ava Pena, who is a 8th grader on A team volleyball, says, “ I started in 3rd grade and club in 4th.”

Somewhat  like Ava, I have been playing only since 5th grade. Game day for me starts off great and I’m ready to play,although when the day goes on I start to feel a bit nervous and start to picture what could go wrong. Ava Pena says her thoughts are usually saying “Where’s the ball going to go? Uh oh, my bad my bad. That was a bad pass. Yay we got the point!”

Kind of like me, Chloe Vanwinkle, an 8th grader on B team, says “I love the thought of getting on the court playing, I’m always eager to play cause I want to have this spot on the team.” I as well want to keep my spot on A team, but I have to remember to work my best because the girls on B team are fight to take our spot on A. On Saturday, September 8th, the girls on staying here at Dobie to play against  Judson Jaguars.

All I know is that the Lady Cougars and I have to do our best and hopefully become undefeated this year to get a banner for Dobie.