Some students don’t like school lunch

Gabriela Sierra and Eleny Cordero

Some students don’t enjoy school lunches. Everything from the taste of the food to how crowded it is to how students act, it can be challenging.

People say that students are tossing out their lunches a lot more these days because the healthier they get, the more kids don’t want to eat their lunch. Students throw away the vegetables,fruit, and anything else that doesn’t look appealing to them.

Most of the students prefer to eat from the snack bar since the snack bar has more food that taste better and is more appealing than the regular lunch line. Some students usually don’t eat lunch because they like to spend their time at lunch talking to their friends.

Since students don’t have a break time, they have cougar time which is a study hall so students don’t really get to talk, so they use lunch as that time to talk instead of eat.

Aliana Graham an 8th grader said she doesn’t enjoy lunch. “I’m constantly debating with my peers if we’re being fed prison food,” she said, adding that she chooses to eat from the snack bar and not the hot lunch line anymore.

Graham said that she doesn’t mean to disrespect the lunch ladies but the food from the hot lunch line is discolored and the food is like rubbery, but she does like the nachos the lunch line provides sometimes.

Trevor Thomas an 8th grader states that “the food here at Dobie is weird, especially the applesauce and the apples.” Trevor isn’t that into apples either way. He usually buys lunch from the snack bar line and sometimes the lunch line. The food he eats from the lunch line that seems appealing to him is the Cowboy Stew.

Again this is not to disrespect the lunch staff, but to take this into consideration because students are wasting more and more food everyday and it’s a waste of food.

Now lets talk about the lunch lines. Since there are a lot of students at Dobie Jr. high the lines tend to get super long, even though our lunches are divided into 3, A lunch, B lunch & C lunch, there are issues with students cutting in line, but recently Mr. House has been more alert about it and is taking care of it. But instead of giving Mr.House a hard time lets just cooperate and stop cutting in line because its not fair to your peers behind you and its disrespecting Mr. House if he tells you multiple time to stop cutting in line.