PV: Dobie’s volleyball team on a roll

Ava Pena, Staff Reporter

My name is Ava Pena I’m in the 8th grade. I play outside on A team volleyball, but I play all around most the time. The first thing that came to mind was that this is going to be an amazing season, mostly because, we have a lot of tall and strong diverse players.

So far, Dobie’s A team is undefeated even for the scrimmage and haven’t lost a set of a game. B team is undefeated with only one lost which was a set then made up for it by winning the third game.

On September 6, Dobie’s 8th grade volleyball team A and B took the win against Metzger with a score of 25 to 9. 

Avery Gardner 8th grader, said the team was a  bit everywhere in practice, “but we got better and better each time.” Gardner plays back row on B team. She has also said “ I’m better at playing back row then front.” Gardner expected everyone to work really hard but, most the time we had fun and goofed around a bit.

Jade Munson is on the A team.  She plays right side hitter ( also known as C). She also plays for SA Magic. “I feel very confident about my new team because we have a lot of diverse strong players,” said Munson, 8th grader

Mariah Biache is an 8th grader on the  A team.“ I expected to be on B mostly because, I made a lot of bad passes but I made A team which I’m proud of.” She said she wanted to  play Libero because she wanted to get good passes to the setter. Also because she had better passes than hitting,” she said, adding that she likes being on the team because “everyone is just so supportive if you made a mistake or not.”