Dobie students are excited for this year

Caitlin Zander and Sophia Jackson

Dobie students are in all sorts of different activities inside and outside of Dobie and they are excited about this school year. 

Brooke Frank is excited about soccer tryouts and she’s been in soccer for 4 years, she says it just comes easy for her. She does soccer with her twin sister Kaytlin Frank and other friends, but other than soccer she isn’t very excited about anything else. When asked if she is excited about any other activities the school has to offer she said, “No, school is not  really my favorite place, I’m not very interested.”

Brooke Frank
8th Grade
Taken By: Caitlin Zander

Anna Kemter is a seventh grader. She is looking forward to UIL tournaments.  Kemter says she looks forwards to the competition because its something she enjoys doing. Anna has more than two friends to join her in this activity. ” I am very excited about UIL and what awaits me,” she said.  

Jacob Grerever is excited to go on trips at the end of the year,He says he looks forwards to going on the trips to discover new things. He also says he looks forwards to going with his friends. Last he said, “I can’t wait to see what challenges I will face to gain an opportunity to go on the trips.”