Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Bagley

Mr. Bagley is a history teacher and football coach


Alison Meredith

Mr. Bagley

Alison Meredith, Staff Reporter

Mr. Bagley is a new teacher at Dobie in the 2018-2019 year. He teaches U.S. History and is also one of the 8th grade football coaches. When he teaches he is very hands on. He is very kind and makes the class fun. 

His last job as a coach was in Austin but he decided to move here. He has lived near his family in Austin for around four years. Mr. Bagley though it was a good idea to move closer to his wife Kim’s family in San Antonio. Mr. Bagley is married and has three daughters. The two younger daughters are twins in third grade and his oldest is in sixth grade. He has been married to his wife Kim for fourteen years.

Originally he went to college for a math degree and ended up changing it to a social studies degree. He liked social studies growing up and knows that it can get boring, so he tries to make his class fun. He tries to make his class easier for everyone but if you don’t do the work then he might get upset.