Some students don’t enjoy riding bus


Raelyn Jernigan and Ava Hunter

Many Dobie students  ride a bus to and from school. Some don’t mind riding the bus but some dislike it.  Bella Oakes says that her bus ride is 15 minutes and she gets home at 4:00. She said her bus is very crowded with three or more to a seat. She said she respects the bus and the rules, but some of the  the other students don’t. “No, they scream and are so loud,” she said. There are assigned seats on the bus, she said. “Like, is it necessary? There is gonna be tons of kids anyway,” she said, adding that the bus is very chaotic. She said her favorite part of being a bust rider is that it means it is the end of the day and she gets to go home.  Her least favorite thing is assigned seats. 

Kenzie Jones also had many things to say about her bus. She rides bus 152 and said that it’s so crowded to the point where students have to sit three to a seat. With that said her and fellow students respect the bus. Jones also stated that the bus is usually late to the bus stop in the morning, and that the bus driver only has the air conditioning on in the morning. One word she had to describe her bus was “loud.”

Kaylyn Hendrix is a bus rider on bus 131. She said that her bus is not that crowded. There are two students to a seat, “but needs seats that fit three students.” The bus ride is five minutes long, and they arrive at the school at 7:45. One word she used to  describe her bus was “annoying.” Kelsey Klenig rides bus 133. She said her bus is crowded three to a seat.Her bus has air conditioning but she’s said it’s doesn’t feel like it because there all squished together. Her bus ride is ten minutes and she gets home at 4:00. We asked her if the students respect the bus. She said  “No, they don’t respect the bus there loud and talk about the bus driver.” The rules on her bus are to sit in their assigned seats. She described the bus as “loud and stupid.” Her least favorite thing about the bus is “My brother, because he ignores me.,” she said. Her favorite thing is “that she has friends on the bus that she can talk to.”