What students think about band


Kenzie Jones

Band director playing with the class

Kenzie Jones and Megan Fling

Dobie Band is a great way for students to express their love for music, make new friends and learn. Band students are learning and progressing every day. Based on their skill level, they are put into different levels of bands by the band directors.

There are five bands, including: Lab Band, Concert Black, Concert Gold, Wind Symphonic and Wind Ensemble.  ”I feel good about the year,” said band director Mr. Barbee. He said his is also really looking forward to the band concert, but what he is looking forward to the most is teaching students new music that they never learned before.

Marquise Hamilton, 8th grader, says that band is a good opportunity to play an instrument. He plays the Alto Saxophone. He’s also learning how the play the Dobie School Song and the Dobie Fight Song to represent the school. Hamilton says that he wanted to be in band because he always wanted to play an instrument. Being in band is a lot of work, but Hamilton’s favorite part about band is playing his instrument.

Madilyn Harrison, 8th grader, loves being in band because she says that she gets to learn the different styles of music.The instrument that Harrison plays is the

flute.  In band she is starting to learn the region scales on her instrument.She choose band so she can get better at playing the flute. Harrison’s favorite part about band is getting to play music with her fellow band members.

Kloe Babcock, 8th grader, says band is engaging for her. She plays the flute. In band Babcock is learning the scales and the football music.She choose band because she always thought it was cool to learn how to play an instrument. Babcock’s favorite part about band is getting to play the music she is learning after the warm-ups they do.

Emma Britt, 8th grader, says band is interesting and different.Th

e instrument she plays is the flute.In band she is learning the scales.Britt said that her favorite part about band is being able to talk with her friends and see her favorite teacher.She wanted to be in band because she hopes to get a scholarship when she goes to college.