Roblox is popular game

Preston Leggett and Julian Escobedo

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Roblox is the hottest building game of 2005. According to Game Informer Weekly, Roblox has made $30 million dollars and has 178 million accounts!! Although they have made a lot of money it is free to play Roblox unlike Minecraft which costs $20 for every account

Dobie students said their thoughts were and most of them said that they remember playing Roblox currently recently or a while ago and nobody had anything negative to say about the computer game where anyone can do anything including building, creating  and playing with people you do or do not know so you can make new friends.    

Joseph Reyna, 7th grader, said that he played Roblox when he was young and he still plays in sometimes now too when he can. He enjoys the game and all its features and games. If students want to play this game they must do it at home. Dobie computers do not currently allow Roblox to be played because of possible violent games and students would not  be focusing on their work.

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