Dobie fashion: a style for everyone

Sophia Lee, Staff reporter

Last year, people wore more jewelry, Thrasher jackets, Rick and Morty t-shirts, and Hollister jackets than ever, in fact people do this so much that they tend to judge people by what they wear. For instance, If you see a thirteen year old girl walking around with an anime t-shirt, you’ll assume that person as a weeaboo, or a person who is highly into anime and manga, but if you know more of this “weeaboo,” you’ll see that she’s not who you think she is. The same thing goes when you see a thirteen year old boy wearing Adidas shoes and a Nike shirt. You’ll assume that person as a jock or an athlete, but when you get to know more of the thirteen year old boy, he’s not what you expect him to be, and because of this, there was a good chance bullying occur when people wore these types of clothes, so students, and a teacher, were asked about what they wore last year and if the were ever made fun of because of their outfits.

Russell Rat, an 7th grade student at Mrs. P.J.’s class, said that he’s worn Adidas, Nike and possibly Under Armour.“ I think it was Adidas, Nike, or Under Armour, or something’ he says.“Color kind of describes who you are,” he then says after the second question was asked, which is short, but meaningful.  moving onto another girl named Kahlynn Martinez, she says she wears a t-shirt, mainly ones with a band group like Steve Miller, and a jacket. “Sometimes people would say” “wow that’s cool,” but overall I’ve never been made fun of.”

John Salgado said he’s worn random t-shirts, like blue Under Armours, and jeans. “I kind of get made fun of, but it’s because I do funny stuff, so it’s not really my clothes people make fun of.”

Mrs. Nancy Pereyon-Johnson, aka Mrs. PJ, talked about what she wore on her first day of Junior High. “I would wear high heels, even though they hurt, and dresses. Mostly ones with floral pattern.” When the second question was asked, she said “I do think it helps you define as a person because it’s what you look like.”  This response leads us to the third question: If a person with a lack of fashion were to compliment you on, in this case, your outfits, how would you respond, and would that response help that person express his/her style?

Many people would say thank you and go on their day, but from the response of Kahlynn, it may be the best response so far. “ If you wanna wear something, then be comfortable with what you wear.”  

Russell Rat responded with something not so similar to Kahlynn’s response: “I would say my mom bought it for me;  I wouldn’t really give out any advices about what they should wear or not.” John, with a careless but an understanding response, says that it’s best to let them wear what they wanna wear. “If they wanna wear what they like,” he then adds,” then let’em; I won’t mind.” Mrs. P.J. says that everybody has their own style, which of course is the main thing of being you. Let your style run free like the wind, and remember: “Everyone is beautiful.”