Students face changes in school rules

Julius Torres, Ryan Maurer, and Russell Ratliff

Students at Dobie Junior High have voiced their opinions on the new changes at school. Some people like them, and others do not. For an example, C lunch has angered a good amount of students, others like shorter periods have made students like the changes. Both sides have great reasons for how they feel about them and both sides want to voice their opinions.

Most students we talked to think the changes are good. Some people like the new C lunch, drawstring bags, and water bottles too. 8th grader Ava Peña says, “The schedule is more organized and the classes are  more efficient. C lunch is also well, because there is a lot of kids, and C Lunch gives them more space,” she said.

Ava isn’t the only one who likes the new C lunch. Another 8th grader, Marlon Velez thinks that the 3rd lunch takes time away from the classes and makes the day shorter. The new rule about drawstring bags can also be very useful. It helps kids carry things from class to class without a problem. Nevaeh Martinez said “the drawstring bags are very useful because kids have a lot of things to carry.”

Although people like the new rules, there are some people that don’t like it too.  Other kids despise them. A huge amount of people are saying it’s difficult to adjust to the new changes and that they don’t see how they helped. Many students have criticized the third lunch, Dobie students have said that “it’s pointless” or “it just created more problems”. “Last year just seemed less complicated,” says Bien Padilla. Nevaeh Martinez says that the new schedule is very confusing and it’s overwhelming.

Over all, Dobie has changed a lot of the rules. The drawstring bags, the C Lunch, the bell schedule, and the water bottles are all things the students need to adjust to. Although some people may not like it,  doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. However, it may also not be a good one either.