Students try to cope with study struggles


Amiah Briseno

Madeline Zawicki , working hard.

Amiah Briseno and Sasha Contreras

Many students at Dobie Jr High are always crammed with a lot of work, like finishing  their homework on time and managing time to study for upcoming test. A majority of students are trying to learn new study habits and how to avoid procrastination so that they can feel less stressed about having  majority of work . Which may be hard for some students to do because they have a hard time trying to stay on task and set goals, but they also want it to be easy because no one wants a lot of work to do. 

Kaytlin Frank, 8th grader, stated, “I don’t like having lot of work to do, its very overwhelming, but I know it is beneficial,” she said. The study habits she uses include: using a partner, turning off all electronics, and rereading her notes .  When procrastinating she advises herself and others to “think of the outcome if you don’t (finish).”

Amarion Miller, also an 8th grade student, finds having a bunch of work a little bit annoying and that “there should be a better routine because it stresses out to many students.” Miller uses study habits such as using, note cards,  notes, and being in a quiet place like his room.  According to Western Governors University: “In a cramped, crowded room, you may feel restricted and stuck—maybe even a little claustrophobic—and definitely not relaxed and ready to learn.