Students don’t like football games on Saturdays

Aaliyah Brawley, Staff Reporter

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Football is a popular sport at Dobie Jr. High, but just recently students were saying that they wouldn’t have time or were to busy to go to the Saturday games so Destiny and I wanted to do an article on how our students feel about our football games being moved to Saturday , and if they were going to attend the games.

Nyla Jorge, a Dobie jr. high student said that our cougars were “ cool “, she also said she thought it was a bad idea for the players because sometimes not all of them might not be able to make it.

Jayden Dabney , a football player for Dobie said they’ll do good if they “ execute the plan , we’ll be perfect and win every game . “ He plays Defensive end, and offensive guard. He also said what they need to work on was “ knowing their plan and executing it .

David Hart, a tight end and d-end for the football team said a thing they need to work on is their attitude.

Deaya Morgan , a 8th grade volleyball player stated that she really didn’t like the idea of that because she’s also an athlete and some of her games are going to be on Saturday so she wouldn’t be able to attend most of the football games. 

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Aaliyah Brawley, Staff Reporter

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Students don’t like football games on Saturdays