The Opinions of the 2016 Election

Heather McCreary

The 2016 election is a very important event in America. It determines who will be in charge for the next 4 years of our lives. But, what exactly do students and teachers at Dobie think of the election and who may win?

“When asked about the election and what it means, I think of voting and commitment,” Brody Vela, 7th grader, said, adding: “it was about voting and talking to people.”

Mrs. Rodriguez, 7th grade LA teacher, said,”[The election] means giving the public a chance to have a say.”  

Although students don’t offer an exact definition of the word election, they had a pretty good idea of what it means.

When asked about how they feel about the election Mrs. Rodriguez said, “I’m nervous….. But I also want it to be over.”

“I’m sort of anxious and…I just don’t want Trump to win,” says Vela. Now there are two people running for president currently, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I wouldn’t vote for either because they are both liars/politicians. But Dobie students had a very good idea of who they were and why they did/didn’t like them. It was cool to see all the feedback the Dobie gave.

When asked about Trump, Christian Merillat, 8th grader, said,”He’s OK…they’re both not bad.”

But when Vela was asked he said,”Donald Trump speaks without thinking.”

“He’s kind of a jerk, has a big mouth, kind of annoying, and has baby hands.” Vela even went on to say that he didn’t think Trump would make a good president because he’d be more like a dictator. The anger Vela had for Trump and it was interesting to hear and see.

Mrs. Rodriguez said,”He’s OK… I don’t agree with how he acts, and some of his ideas.”

When asked about Hillary Mrs. Rodriguez said, “I definitely don’t care for her… she changes her beliefs based on what’s popular at the time.” Merillat says Hillary is doing better things than Trump.

“I think Hillary would make a better president.” Merillat says.

“I would vote for Hillary,” says Vela.

“I would vote for Donald Trump,” says Mrs. Rodriguez.

It was amazing to see how educated the students at our school were as well as teachers when it came to who they would vote for. Mostly everyone already had their mind set on who they’d vote for. It was insightful for both points of view.