Volleyball team builds relationships


Kaylyn Hendrix and Jocelyn McComic

Dobie volleyball teams practice hard and play hard and in the process they build relationships through teamwork and accountability

Mariah Biache is on the 8th grade A team. “My favorite thing about volleyball is all of the girls on the team,” she said. “They’re just amazing and a great group to play with, also getting a good pass to the setter to get the game going.”

On August 28  the the teams had their first scrimmage– it was their first real test on working together. One example is when the ball is in the air and all of the team is waiting to see who is going to hit it. “We have to make sure we call the ball,” said Ava Hunter.

The volleyball players get really happy when they win because they know that their hard work paid off. You can also see that they have to use a lot of communication and make sure to have a positive attitude no matter what happens.