A look inside Dobie’s choir classes

What students do in choir, and what they have learned from it.


Male Choir students are doing warm-ups in Mr. Contrera’s 5th period class.

Tatiana Griggs and Sydney Matak

To some, choir seems like a class where you just sing and do warm-ups for forty-five minutes, but Dobie’s choir does much more! Choir students share how Dobie’s choir functions and what they have learned from taking choir.

Norah Shannon is an eighth grader who is in Dobie’s choir. She enjoys choir class. “Choir feels like an amusement park of voices and sounds, and it makes me feel like I have a bigger family than I actually have,” she said.  

In Dobie’s choir class, students are split into two groups: Sopranos and Altos. The Sopranos are higher in pitch, and focus on higher notes when it comes to singing a song. Altos however, are much deeper in pitch and focus on lower notes. All of the singers are conducted by Mr. Contreras, the choir teacher who also teachers at Steele High School.

Students go into the choir room and start off with your generic warm-ups. The Altos start off with “Do, Re, Mi” while the Sopranos focus on “Fa, So, La”. They also do different voice warm-ups all together. These warm-ups help to improve their singing, pitch, and helps prepare their voices for singing. 

Not only are choir students able to learn to sing and harmonize, but they can also learn people skills. By braving the stage and performing to your heart’s content, you can learn to be more comfortable with others and can get outside of your comfort zone. Some people usually have a hard time with socializing, but after being in choir you may have a change of thoughts. These skills might  help students with future career options. 

Anaya Bryant, an eighth grader who used to be in choir, says she likes singing when she is bored sometimes, and she likes listening to people play instruments as well. An abundance of people sing when they are bored, some people might want to do it as a career, or they may simply do it for fun. 

Choir is entertaining and really interesting because of how people use their voices and how others have different voices. The majority of entertainment shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “The Voice” have lots of people sing in different voices and tones and it’s very interesting because it’s so unique. One day, we might even see our own choir students on a popular singing competition!