Dobie students share Summer memories

Arianna Fisher and Jazlyn Garcia

Dobie students had fun and interesting summers. From traveling to staying at home and hanging out, they created memories.

Clara Pickering, 7th grader, said she traveled to spend time with her family members. “I stayed home most of the time. I hung out with friends and visited some family. I did end up going on a little trip to New Mexico before school started,” she said.

Kaitlyn Wilkerson, 7th grader, had little to no time at home she spent time with family and had a fun time away from home. “I wasn’t ever home at all; I was in Hawaii with my dad,” she said. “It was a blast!”

Wilkerson said he lives next to the beach so they went swimming at the beach a lot. “I once even went snorkeling. I flew on an airplane to see him which was such a long plane ride. It was even worse coming back home.,” she said, adding that she came home like the day right before school had started. “It was so hard to sleep. Then I got used to it and then school started.” 

Mia Rodriguez, 7th grader,stayed away from home but spent lots of time with her family in lots of places. “I went to my grandparents house in Mexico. Then I went on a cruise to Cuba I also went to the Bahamas to see my cousins. I came back right on time to go to school,” she said.