Fashion includes the trendy and comfortable

Lindsey Villarreal and Shelvy Curtis

 What is one thing that describes your personality? What is one thing that lets you be you? That’s right,  it’s what you wear; fashion!

It is one of the things that lets you be you. Fashion is one of the outward things that lets you express yourself, so here is what Dobie students wear and like about their fashion.

Fashion is one of the things that let’s you stand out and be you! Many at Dobie dress to impress.

“…It’s not too like ba bam, it’s not too like flashy, it’s not too like I look like a bum,” said Whitley Yepez, 7th grader.

“…It’s comfortable and it’s still cute and appropriate,” said Serena Del Toro, 8th grader.

Dobie students don’t wear the same thing, everyone wears something different to school everyday.

“ On most days I wear shirts with jeans with holes,” said Tyshe Tyson, 8th grader, said.

Everyone knows that when you were little, you used to dress up look a princess or a superhero, and how you changed from dressing up to something more realistic.

“I used to wear the same color to match, around when I was 10 or 11, I started noticing different styles,” said DelToro.

Some people when they were little used to be a formal like dress or sweater vest,but now they wear casual like t-shirts,jeans.

“I was a girly girl, I still am, but I don’t wear that much dresses,” said Yepez.

The inspiration of where you buy your clothes is your favorite stores, and Dobie Junior High had plenty of favorite stores.

“My favorite store to shop at is Hollister because it’s more trendy,” said Christine Leos, 7th grader.

“Aeropostale & Hollister, and Nike,” said Yepez.

Not every single person has to like the same store,people have different tastes which is a good thing,because every unique and amazing just the way they are.

“Target,cause’ I like their choices,” said DelToro.

It may be a good way to express yourself, but at school, there are some chains that won’t let you express yourself in your opinion if you don’t wear clothes according to the dress code.

“I love wearing jeans with holes because they are really comfortable to wear and they match with everything I wear, but the principle dress codes me all the time,” said Erin Rodriguez, 8th grader.

Many students are dress coded for jeans with holes or leggings.

“I got dress coded because I wore leggings and my shirt covered the back, but leggings aren’t allowed, so I had to go to the office and they gave me another set of pants to wear,” said Ginea Chambers, 8th grader.

You could possibly put a lot of thought into your outfits or not that much thought at all.

“The night before, I lay out what I would wear, and put it on to see what it looks like.” said DelToro.

You could be putting different factors that could involve with your outfit.

“I pick out my outfits depending on my mood because it’s difficult for me to find it on my own,” said Tyson.

“The way I pick out my clothes is: I just find my shoes first then I pick out an outfit to go along with it,” said Akhwari Smith, 8th grader.

You know how people look up to a lot of celebrities or to their loved ones,and probably would want to dress like them or have a similar style to them and like it?

“Selena Gomez, because she knows how to dress herself,” said Yepez.

“Andrea Russet, because she has really good fashion and it’s comfortable, and cute, and stylish,” said DelToro.

Some students don’t just only look up to celebrities,they look up to loved ones.

“My friends, because they always help me when I can’t find anything,” said Chambers.

Fashion, everyone has their thing and they have a favorite.

“You can make certain outfits and you can still like it even if no one likes it,” said DelToro.