Art is important to students


Photo by: Anthony Montemayor

Art is very important to a lot of students. Art is something that many students and people love. Many care for their art teachers and their art community as a whole. Some are doing it for high school credit, and some are doing it because they like it.

Dobie’s two teachers are Mrs.Santos and Mrs.Harper. Mrs Harper is the art teacher that runs Art Club every year, and students tend to love it. Art can provide hobbies and feelings for some people. Sometimes there are art contests that people compete in to either earn money or to just to have fun or while bored.

Holly Miller is an 8th grader who likes art because it lets her express herself in drawing form if she really doesn’t want to express it instead of talking. She explains that the funny thing is that she only joined art to get a high school credit but she still does like to do art for fun. The type of at she mainly likes to draw is drawing of course and painting!  When she’s bored at home or even at school she always turns to drawing because she of course has nothing else to do art is one of her favorite things to do when she’s bored “When I’m at home alone not texting my boyfriend I just draw,” she said.

Ethan Blake is in 7th grade and loves to draw and sometimes color and sketches bass.  He was inspired by fish. He decided to draw fish and continued. Sometimes he would color his drawings, but most of the time he would usually just sketches it. It doesn’t really help him in life, he says, “but is really fun to do.” He draws bass because he thinks they are easy to draw;  is also one of the first drawings that he thought was really neat. If he colors his drawings it takes him awhile to do so, and once he finishes, it’s pretty neat. Sometimes he also tries to draw different types of fish, like a catfish, he showed a picture of a catfish and and it looked really cool.

Madison Shoultz is an 8th grade art student at Dobie Jr. High who has been creating art for a long time. When she was three, her parents bought her some paint. She started to draw a rose and she showed her parents,and her parents kept her with it. Her favorite type of artwork is “robotic or splatter board.” Robotic because she likes seeing things look futuristic,and splatter board because she just think it looks good.When asked what she wants to do in life,vshe just froze for a second before saying: “I really don’t know. Sometimes it helps calm down nerves, but most times it depends how you use art.”