Social media can be a dangerous game

Social media can be a dangerous game

Serena DelToro, Staff reporter

Technology has helped this world evolve, but also set it back. Social media causes problems and is a distraction but it also does provide information and allow people to stay in touch with one another.

Drama or hate can often be spotted flowing around online. Since social media is a worldwide thing, it is very dangerous to be online. Many people don’t understand the dangers of social media.

Kalen Hill, 8th grader, has an Instagram and a Snapchat. She says she spends on average two hours a day online. Most of the time teenagers are zoned out or in another world when on their phones or social media. Many teens and young adults spend more than half a day on social medias. 

Social media has caused many problems for a wide span of the public. Stalker situations have increased due to the simplicity of internet access. 99 percent of the time teens or adults stay online and public, they are endangering their confidentiality and safety.

Drama is one thing at school or at home, but there’s a large amount of online drama now a days. “I don’t typically see drama or hate on my page, but I do see it on other people’s pages,” Miranda Avila, 13, 8th grader. Most drama originates from hateful comments or misunderstood situations. Miscommunication is a common factor of online hate.  “Yes, I see a lot of drama on my social medias,” said Hill.

Social media sites such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter allow people to communicate with others known or unknown. Although there’s the option of letting certain accounts follow your account, you never really know if someone is who they really say they are. Julia Villarreal, 8th grader, says, “If somebody I don’t know tries to follow me, I deny their request and if they do it again and again I block them.” 

Teens and young adults don’t really take in consideration that they are being watched online at all times. Every little thing said and done is being recorded and documented. No matter if it gets deleted…it can always be dug up. You may put your past behind you but it just follows you around.

Young people should know you can’t change your past then rethink your future. Stay safe on social media sites as well as stay aware of your surroundings.