Spanish class features a paper doll runway show


Students standing in front of their project

Emma Britt and Lauren McClellan

A group of 7th graders standing by their final product of their project

When you pass Mrs. Stahney’s classroom you walk upon paper dolls created by her first period Spanish class. Colorful, unique, and overall fun., they get your attention, however these paper dolls have a lesson attached.

First period, a mix of 7th and 8th graders, did a project in groups of three or four to make paper dolls according to the Spanish vocabulary they were previously learning.

According to students it was overall enjoyable. Maria Perez-Diaz, 8th graded, stated, “It was fun doing it with your partners and choosing the brands for the models.”

The steps taken were pretty easy and fast according to Sofia Jackson, 8th grader, “We had to trace and cut.”

Students were put into groups, and had to cut and create a paper doll from the Spanish vocabulary they were given. Mrs Stahney, the Spanish Teacher, said this was the most “Fantastic class since I have been doing this project.”

Another twist to this project is that Mrs. Stahney chose the groups of students. “To collaborate,” said Mrs Stahney, Spanish teacher. The point of having a group chosen was so people would have someone other than friends to bounce ideas off of them. They would have an opportunity to work with people they normally wouldn’t work with.

The students enjoyed this project because they got away from regular classwork, but still are learning the vocabulary in a fun, easy, and efficient way.