Life Of A Musician: Alina Bell

Sydney Berkley, Staff reporter

Alina Bell is a violinist attending Dobie’s orchestra. She has a very bright personality, even with all the pressure she has on her. Though she still manages to smile. She is a hard worker, and she is very whimsical and her passion shines through. When she plays her violin at school concerts, she sounds like magic.

Alina is an out-going person, and she has an amazing tune when the bow hits the violin. People think it was a beautiful dream. She never stops smiling even when she says something sad, she still smile all day, all night, no stopping her.

She knows a lot about the violin and what materials were made into making the beautiful instrument, like how the bow used to play the strings of the violin is made of horse hair. Alina enters like a tornado, exits like a hurricane, and she leaves you smiling. She doesn’t let anything phase her when it comes to her music.

Alina has been in orchestra since the fifth grade at Schlather Intermediate. The orchestra class would come to the music room and they would sing a song, and it would sound amazing. No one would be terrible, and everyone is amazing. But here, you don’t get to do that. You play the music on the sheets and they do their best. The orchestra students have noticed the orchestra room looks so much smaller than the band room. Orchestra has always been second to schools.

“ I like that I can play my instrument and I don’t care where the classroom is, I just want to play.” Alina Bell, 7th grader, said.