Personal View: Student Council is fun

McKenzie Prothero, Staff Reporter

Student council is a fun community to be part of. From planning the dances to just having meetings, I personally love it.

I’m starting my second year in the Dobie Junior High Student Council. Skills for Success and Career Portals teacher Mrs. Hadas runs student council, but the students run the meetings. We plan two dances each year, one in the winter, and one in spring.

8th grader Caleigh Broome is also serving her second year of student council. Her favorite part of last year was working the concession stands at the dances.

“We had lots of fun and made money for other dances throughout the year,” Broome said.

What she’s looking forward to most is planning the two dances this year. 

Student Council holds some meetings during Cougar Time, which spans two different periods, depending on which lunch the member as. Some student council members are frustrated by this. 

“We don’t get to share our ideas,” Broome said.

But there is a solution. Some meetings, especially while planning dances and other activities, will be held before or after school.

Last year’s dances were very fun. Tickets were sold for $3 before the dance and $5 at the dance. Our first dance of the year was superhero themed. Students showed up in dresses, regular attire, and sometimes the occasional themed outfit based on their favorite superheroes.

The second dance was just as fun. The theme for the dance was Mardi Gras! Green, Gold, and purple was everywhere! Masks laid on the tables and there was even an area to take pictures! Needless to say, the music was amazing and had everyone on their feet. Watching as students crowded together to do the Cupid Shuffle was awesome! There were even dance battles! Everyone crowded as we watched students battle for the crown of best dancer for only that night. Peers were roaring with cheers and laughter as they had fun with their friends.

Planning the dances was just as fun. We stated our ideas and voted on what would be fun to do. Ideas were everywhere! From an extravagant spring formal to up beat superheroes, everyone had ideas. Every member had ideas, even if they weren’t saying it. Laughing filled the room as we cracked jokes and came up with the funniest ideas for the dances.

We even had an end of the year party. It was fun having the few of us there eating, watching movies, and joking with each other. It was definitely fun!
Overall, student council is fun and I would definitely suggest students to join!