Dobie offers new program Cougar Connection Fridays

Paul Hodo and Sarah Lyon

Dobie administrators announced its newest program for students, Cougar Connection Fridays. The program ensures that all students are involved with a club during Cougar Time on Fridays. On September 17 and September 18 students submitted their first five choices for clubs from a list of 56 clubs that range from card games, yoga, indoor walking club, homework club, journalism club, dance club, cleanup crew, puzzle club, STEM Club, PRIDE club, Thespian club, UIL, trivia club, Talk it Out Club and more. The clubs that students are placed in are based on space availability. The first Cougar Connections day will be Friday, September 27.

Overall, everyone at Dobie is ecstatic about the new clubs, theses clubs seem to have the potential to make Friday even more fun at school. Although most people think clubs will be great, there is a handful of people who think that it will be bad and wont make friends or have any fun on connection Fridays. Connection Friday will hopefully be one for the books.

Administrators say they hope that teachers and students become more connected during Cougar Connection Fridays. Dobie students are excited about the new program.  Brook Frank ,an 8th grader at Dobie, is interested in the Pride club, just one example of a new club at Dobie. Other clubs consist of Drawing club,  exercise club, and the Anime club. Brook Frank says she would like to join the pride club to support her friends. She thinks that in this club she won’t really connect with anyone or make any friends during the connection the Fridays.

Emily Francis, an 8th grader, chose to do the Friendship Bracelet Club. “I would like to join this club because it seems interesting and I would like to try,” she said, adding that she will probably make some friends during Cougar Connection Fridays.