Letter to The Editor: Freedom of the Press is important


Ava Normandin

Katherine Pruden

Katherine Pruden, Staff Reporter

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring up the importance of freedom of the press. My first statement looks back at the first amendment, granting us, the people, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and obviously freedom of the press. Journalist have the honor of capturing every moment as it happens.

Journalists help us see the  inside of things we can’t see with our own eyes. According to the Boston Globe, Donald Trump believes the journalist are the enemy of the people. Now, I can see what he could possibly mean. I’m not saying every news network is like this, but it is easy to write down facts that aren’t true. Most journalist are very trusted but some not so much. The kind of power that everything you write down is going to be seen as facts, unless said otherwise, could be a lot on some shoulders and some might take that chance to change words and promote themselves more.

Journalists are not enemies of the people but naturally in every group there’s destined to be a few people giving the group, as a whole, a bad name. What we can do to remind everyone our status and the good things we do, is instead of arguing and disagreeing among ourselves is try to have a little bit more things supportive rather than trying to tear each other apart.

We should always keep our rights to freedom of the press, but maybe this worry of losing it could be for the better of all of us. We can all prove to each other that we aren’t as bad as we’ve come to be known as.


Katherine Pruden