Letter to the editor: Freedom of the Press


Ava Normandin

Samaya White Lightning

Samaya White Lightning, Staff reporter

Dear Editor,

I disagree with Trump that they should close news stands because that is the main source how some people learn about the world.

I understand that all news may not be good or the whole truth but some people use news stands everyday. For example, some people eat their breakfast with a magazine or a book or some people like to read a magazine while sitting on the toilet or some people just like to read them in general.

Also, the only reason Trump hates the news it because the news about him isn’t always good and he doesn’t like that so he’s saying no news and basically convincing people to say the same and that the news is all bad or all wrong.

The journalists and news reporters around the world have the right of freedom or the press and i personally think most people will always have mixed feelings for the press. The people may just need to suck it up and deal with it because no matter what there will always be press or people talking about you no matter what.  

Sincerely, Samaya