Letter to the editor



Ava Normandin

Jasmin Quiroz

Jasmin Quiroz, staff reporter

Dear Editor,

According to the Hillsboro Tribune article in Portland,Oregon. They say that “The news isn’t “fake” just because you see things differently”. If you see things differently that does not mean that it is fake. I see things differently but that does not mean that it is fake. Sometimes people publish stories that they don’t approve of and yes I get that you don’t want to have people to read about it but we do have freedom of the press in the constitution.

Journalist should be able to write about appropriate stuff as long as it is constitutional. We can get a little eager to get our article done. Some people like our stuff but some people don’t like our stuff but we don’t let it get to us. If only ten people read your article, as long as they read it we are still happy about it getting it published.

Some journalist overthink their article, this is because of the due dates, punctuation, grammar, and over all the flow and facts of each word. Overthinking could cause more mistakes, and might not look good or sound good.


Sincerely: Jasmin Quiroz