Letter to the Editor:


Ava Normandin

Kailee Mishler

Kailee Mishler, Staff Reporters

Dear Dobie News Editors,

August 15, 2018, an article on Boston Globe News stated Trump was trying to get rid of news. I  agree very strongly that freedom of the press is important. We journalist are not the enemy, but explaining what problems are in the world that no one knows about. People should be told these things to know what’s coming. If we lose our rights and there’s no news. I doubt it will take two seconds to set everything back up when something bad is happening.

In the Constitution we have the Right of speech and press. If President Trump took away our rights wouldn’t our internet be controlled by the government. As in we can’t reach certain sites, we can’t reach certain ads, and we most definitely would have many reporters with no jobs. Our advertisements and commercials would be monitored because someone would try to slip in some news.

Every single person in this world has watched T.V. and had the volume stopped due to a loud noise repeatedly over and over again. Stating that there was a natural disaster, a bombing, or something else very important. Is that how we get our important news out from now on? Are we going to be interrupted every five seconds of watching T.V. to get some news out? Since we have our rights, its least likely that will happen.



                                                                      Kailee Mishler