Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

It seems these days that nobody likes the “pres”. Why is that. People with a lot of followers such as Donald Trump, talk badly about the pres. As a result there followers gain the idea that “everybody in the pres is evil”.Witch is just not the case.


The journalist have the right to reported on news because of freedom of speech. Information in the news is not always positive thats why President Trump doesn’t like them. Unless its something good about him he doesn’t care. That’s why I would take his stand on the pres with a grain of salt.


Now you don’t have to like pres, but you should respect their opinion. If you have a opinion that’s your personal belief about that thing. No matter what their opinion is, respected it.


In short try to form your own opinion. Do your research, and decide what you believe. Don’t feel pressured to follow your favorite person option. Make your own!


Sincerely, Colin Howard Dobie News Staff