PV: Freedom of the press

Amiah Briseno, Staff Reporter

Dear Editor ,  

     Having this job as a young Journalist inspires me more to use my voice for what I believe in . Amendment I , The US constitution prevents congress from abridging the freedom of speech and freedom of the press  .We have the right to write , report , and capture moments for the people of our country . President Donald Trump , is a vile man , He hates the news because we know all the terrible things he does , and says . When asked in a conference if he would kill reporters he responded “I would never kill them but I do hate them,” he said of reporters. “And some of them are such lying, disgusting people.” We are not lying disgusting people , we do our job and work hard to get the real truth .  I believe our freedom of the press is important and our right by the constitution and i will not let the president take my voice away from me i will continue to speak my mind , and give out nothing but the truth .


          Sincerely ,


               Amiah Briseno – Staff Reporter For Dobie News