PV:Letter to the Boston Globe editor

Jayden Dabney, staff reporter

Dear editor,


The topic I would like to talk to you about is the constitutional right of freedom of the press. Our own president goes to show he hates against a constitutional right of freedom of the press. it shows how rude he is to the american people.  He treats the people of the press very rude because at the end of the day were all american people even journalists the president wants to put american people out of there job .He describes american people (journalists) as the LOWER CLASS calls them quote on quote “scum.” Our president will go against the constitution because they criticize him.

According to http://www.bostonglobe.com/ your article you say “we our not the enemy.”I totally agree with you. Our president makes us the enemy by brainwashing the american people’s mind. The polls you state in your article are mind blowing how many people our president has brainwashed. How famous american presidents have said that the freedom of press is very important in our constitution and just completely ignores it. Editor hopefully we could make this a great movement to show the american people that were not the enemy were just exercising  our right of freedom of the press. Thank you for your time



                                                              Jayden Dabney