PV: Dear Editor


Ava Normandin

Lauren Kendrick

Lauren Kendrick, Staff reporter

President Donald Trump is not of a fan of the press; he thinks reporters are the enemy and they should be shut down. In the First Amendment it says we the people have freedom of speech. A lot of Republicans who voted for Trump are agreeing with him because they think whatever he says is true and want to agree with him.  

Before President Trump was president, Republicans weren’t saying things like, we need to shut down the press and the press is the enemy before Donald Trump. President Trump is wrong about the press because without the press people wouldn’t know what is going on in the world and important issues that the people need to know. President Trump only wants to shut down newspapers because he doesn’t like what they say about him. Other Presidents like President Obama didn’t have an issue with the press.

President Trump is not a fan of CNN News because they talk about him a lot. He acts really disrespectful to them and doesn’t act like an appropriate president at news conferences. Whenever certain newspapers ask him a question he would just ignore them and pick another news station to ask a question. He shouldn’t just ignore the question and that person if he doesn’t like what their asking.

We the people have the right to report our own opinion and write what we want to write. Donald Trump shouldn’t have to power to shut down very important news papers and channels. We need newspapers because we wouldn’t be know a lot of things we know. Freedom of the press is something very important to America that some countries don’t have.