Letter to the editor: Freedom of Press


Ava Normandin

Nyla Jorge

Nyla Jorge, Staff Reporter

Dear editors,

     Freedom of press is the right to circulate opinions in print without censorship by the government. Freedom of press is also now taken as an enemy to politics.

  President Trump was interviewed and said, “ New media is the enemy to the people.” I think that he is only say that because it about him bad thing about him. He also  make people believe that journalists are fake and are the enemy.10% of Independent agree with Trump, and 71% disagree with President Trump.

     Journalists aren’t fake because of what he said they been here recording of what problem we have. Trump is wrong because if we didn’t have  journalist how would people vote for him. Trump saying that new is fake then he wouldn’t be here right now. Media is are family not our enemies.


                                           Sincerely, Nyla Jorge