Letter to the Editor: The Press is just doing their job


Silvia Makori

Mariah Biache

Mariah Biache, Staff Reporter

Dear Editor,

I completely agree with what your saying in your article, your first few sentences were strong and straight forward. People in America, including me, want to know what the government and  the President is doing behind closed doors. The people who voted for President Trump are following him like little ducklings. Agreeing that the free press is ‘the enemy of the people’.

“The First Amendment protects your right — your need — to know more than what your government tells you.” –Star Opinion

It’s true that the government does not tell us everything that we should know, either to protect us or for us not to freak out when we should be panicking about what’s going on in the world. That is why we have journalist to do the hard work for us. They chose to do this job and they have the right to do it. President Trump should keep his own opinions to himself because he scared a riot could start, but he doesn’t realize he’s the one causing them and starting them. Although he is my president and I respect him for all his hard work he’s done, sometimes he need to keep quiet.

 “At a practical level, we journalists sit through boring government meetings and learn about public school financing formulas, so you don’t have to. It’s not as lofty a statement as the First Amendment, but it serves.” –Star Opinion

Journalist want to help Americans understand what their government is doing and how there using our money, what’s so wrong about that. If Trump was able to get rid of the press how would we know, how would we know what’s going on in the world. Who would tell us? President Trump? Would he even give us the truth? The world is changing everyday, and we been following the Bill of Right for over 200 years. Why stop now?

“Journalists are not the “enemy of the American people.”-Star Opinion



– Mariah Biache