Letter to the editor


He’s the one making the mistakes not the journalist. Trump has denounced at political rallies,messed up on social media, and subjected to racist and misogynistic taunts. Adding up all the assaults all together with an unforgiving financial environment on which they work in have made journalists feel under siege or backed into a corner. President Trump all your doing is basically telling us to shut up. I find it so disrespectful that you have the audacity to shame your people your journalist including children. All we are trying to do is making sure that our nation knows what’s going on in the political world. Is it that difficult to accept journalist who only are trying to tell the truth and do their job. With all your harrassment, taunting, and misogynistic taunts towards journalist shows that you don’t care if the nation doesn’t approve of the situations.You just care only about your egotistical self and if the congress approves your decisions. I find it disappointing that you’d rather make sure if your hair looks good than face a country that does support you and your decisions. Your our president you should be able to make decisions about America’s future not yours. Again, the news is “ fake” then explain why you dislike journalist, Is it because you know their right and you don’t want to seem like a horrible president or because, you think we exaggerate to much about you and your mistakes.