Letter to the Editor: Freedom of the Press


Silvia Makori

Emily Francis

Emily Francis, Copy Editor

Dear Editor,

The importance for the freedom of the press is that the press asks all the questions and work hard to get information because they want people to know what going on today and what the president of the United States. Also the function of a journalist is that they ask people sometimes weird questions but the important questions so the people can know what’s going on the these days and some people sometimes have to be snoopy to at least find out what’s going on. A lot of other people don’t care what’s going on so they don’t watch the news. But some people watch the news for weather and what crimes people made.

I don’t think President Trump should take away the journalists jobs just because he thinks their telling lies. I don’t think anyone can take away the freedom of the press because it was made it 100 years ago. The freedom of the press was given so the press can report and go on the news and tell us what’s happening some reporters are weather reporters because they love reporting weather to a lot of people, but the thing is people shouldn’t take away the freedom of the press because they feel that they are lying. So president Trump cannot take away the Freedom of the Press because it would be like taking away the Freedom of Speech.

It’s is important for people to do what they want, just like president Trump wanted to be president and he is president. I believe that journalists should be free to report whatever they want to report so that president Trump can’t take that away.

Sincerely, Dobie Journalist