Letter to the Editor: Trump is dividing the United States


Isaac Mokrane, Personal View Editor

Dear Editor,

Donald Trump does not like the media and I think we can all agree on that. But the problem is that his dangerous rhetoric, “Enemy of the people” is not just idiotic, it is extremely dangerous.

Nations such as North Korea, Russia, and China limit the way the media reports. Russia assassinates people who do not agree with Putin and North Korea does not have ANY outside reporting besides the state media. Trump wants media outlets to be shut down, just like how North Korea only has state media. Trump has also called for violence during one of his campaign rallies against protesters. Trump has shown time and time again that he does not like people who do not agree with him. Maybe it’s not as extreme as the killings of journalists in Russia, but they are strikingly similar.

Without journalists, what would we do? Get our news straight from the White House when they have outright LIED to our faces? We would be entirely lost on what is happening in our country. Without journalists, who would expose the truth from the liars?

Without journalists, who would go into literal war zones to simply report? Because I can tell you one thing,Trump wouldn’t because he does not care whatsoever. Countless journalists have died reporting around the world and Trump has no right to insult every single one of us.

This is a strange time for every one of us. Facts are lies and lies are truths. We need to unite and not let petty thoughts divide us. I find it ridiculous that we have this problem in the first place. All we truly can do is keep reporting no matter what. We will not let Trump divide us and our country.