Letter to the Editor; Freedom of the Press


Silvia Makori

Zoe Zarycki

Zoe Zarycki, Staff Reporter

Dear editor,

I agree that the press is very important, it’s a basic right we have to state our opinion and to be able to speak on whatever we want to say. Even if the President doesn’t like it we should still be able to be heard, and for him to be saying that the press is “the enemy of the people” makes him look bad because we are just stating facts and opinions on the topic we want to write about. Just like his opinion on how he doesn’t like the press, if he is able to get a say so should we.

Being a journalist we get to tell people things they might not know like the events that they don’t see from the outside, which is very important because you don’t usually see the background to some of these things, it might even change the way you see certain things.The amendment states that we as people have freedom of speech and freedom of press so even if President Trump wanted to put a stop to this he couldn’t, it’s the one way we are able to get our voices to be heard. Without theses journalist people wouldn’t know most of the things President Trump is doing because we are the ones telling and writing about these stories.

Trump’s big problem with journalist is trying not to look bad and with journalist watching his every move scares him because if he makes a mistake and we write about it things can go bad, but that’s also not our fault as journalist it is his fault for making the mistake. Journalist are not the bad guy in this situation it’s the people who are not letting us get our voice heard.


Zoe Zarycki